But… You had this great idea!? Me too. Let’s work together.

Hi there.  You probably landed here because you had a GREAT idea, thought of the best domain name you possibly could for that idea, typed it in the browser and BAM!  It’s taken.  By me.

Never fear, for all hope is not lost.

My name is Danyell Noe.  I am an entrepreneur, domain name investor and an internet engineer.  This means that I:

  1. Come up with great web-based ideas
  2. Register the best domain name(s) upon which to host them; and
  3. Build the software to make it all work

BUT, I’ve got more ideas than I do time to build the software.  So that’s why you’ve landed here.  I haven’t gotten around to this project yet.  And that’s good news for YOU!


Because I am actively seeking partners, mentors and investors for my next grand venture.  If you think you qualify for one of these roles, go ahead and scroll down to the contact form and let’s make some moves!


Let’s talk about how we can work together.